About Us
133 Army Lane
Pottsboro Tx. 75076

The Sons of the American Legion, or the S.A.L. as we are affectionately known,is a program of the American Legion. The S.A.L. was formed by the American Legion in 1932 during the 14th National Convention in Portland Oregon. The intent behind the formation of the S.A.L. was to allow the sons of the World War I veterans the opportunity to belong and participate in the American Legion andother patriotic events.

With membership in the Son's of the American Legion approaching the 300,000 mark the S.A.L. works towards the goals of the American Legion. We have commited our support and resources in helping the Citizens Flag Alliance in their effort to adopt an ammendment to the Constitution to protect the flag of the United States of America.

Child Welfare is a big project of the S.A.L. with more than $2,000,000 dollars being donated since 1987. The members of the S.A.L. also contribute untold hours in this endeavor. As an example the Squadrons from Post 231 and Post 321 have participated in four flag football games in which over $12,000 was raised for child welfare.

The Son's of the American Legion take great pride in the work the do and the involvement they have at the local level. Squadrons do fund raising events, spend time and do volunteer work at local Veteran Administration Hospitals, donate flags to local Cub Scout and Boy Scout Troops, donate Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets to the less fortunate, give scholarships to upstanding young citizens of the community.

Squadron 231 is very active in the community and at the Home Post.

The Squadron has raised the necessary funds to make numerous improvements to the Home Post.

Since 1994 over $6,000 was raised to build outdoor restrooms for the campgrounds, Over $5000 was raised to build a smoke pit room, $2000 to remodel the mens indoor restroom, $2000 was raised to erect a new flag pole, then over $5000 was raised to erect two additional flagpoles and begin construction of a Memorial Garden. $4000 was later raised to complete the setting of two memorial walls in the Memorial Garden. We also donated $500 to the fund for the American Legion baseball team sponsored by the Post. $2800 to replace the ceiling and ceiling fans and light fixtures in the Post Home twice. $1000 to purchase new tables for the club room.

In addition to all of the above that has been accomplished,  each year we have also raised and donated to Special Olympics and to the American Legion Child Welfare Program and gave a $500 scholarship to a Pottsboro graduating student.

If you would like to attend one of our meetings, we meet the 1st friday of the night at 6:30 pm at the Post.