Welcome to a picture tour of 
American Legion M.I.A. Post 231

--click on a pic and get the full view--

View as you drive
up to the Post

Lake Texoma
from the front door

and campgrounds 
from the front door

Wouldn't you like 
to be camped here?

Hey..Here's an open
campsite right next to
the lake.

A picture of the Post
from your campsite.

Ready for some
fun on the water?

Come on inside
and look around

Welcome to the
Post. Come on in
and enjoy the

Plenty of room
for socializing 
and dancing

Look at that view
of Lake Texoma.
You ought to see
it at night when the
moon is full

Check out the view
of Lake Texoma
from the deck

Play on the lake
then tie your boat
to the dock 

Come on in or
sit on the deck and 
enjoy some refreshments 
and the view

What a view!